A Lonely Little Picture

Yeah...the only picture I can post is the one Mary Beth downloaded from my camera. This little bird was an awesome little guy and we had fun watching him try to fly on the palace grounds. You can see a few of the pictures that Mary Beth took yesterday on her blog. The palace we went to yesterday was awesome. So pretty. I love the history that is here in Scotland. America is awesome but really we don't have the history like other countries do. I loved learning all about Mary, Queen of Scots. She was a scandal. It all started because she wore trousers to play tennis at a young age. She just went against the grain and all of her drama must be tied to those trouser wearing days.

Today we went on a little walk along a reservoir. It was gorgeous and I am very sad that I did not bring my camera along with me when we went. Sad day.

We have been having amazing food because both Steve and Mary Beth are great cooks. Today it was a pork roast with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. We also had some strawberry shortcake which was amazing. Awesomeness. Time is going much too fast but I am having a blast! Cheers!

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