The process of blogging about the UK has begun.

Hi. Welcome back to Rhinelander, Alice! I stayed with my sister and her family for a few days to get over my jet lag. I am glad I did too, because yesterday I was pretty delirious thanks to the whole I wanted to sleep for days feeling I had. I tried to tell a friend all about the trip on the phone and I couldn't even form sentences. I also was trying to watch a video that my nephew had made and I kept getting distracted and leaving the room. I am glad he didn't take it personally!

Elijah(my nephew, Sister Andi's kiddo) and I drove up to Rhinelander from Madison this afternoon after watching the USA World Cup Game. It was sad, but the US did well in the Cup! We stopped in Wausau and had dinner with Marla. It was nice.

I will start the process of blogging about my trip tomorrow. I think I maybe do a daily blog about each day with a few of the pics that were taken that day. You will then be able to view all of the photos on facebook. If you are not my friend on there yet, what is wrong with you! I have all the pics in my computer...so now the process of blogging can begin. (I pick tomorrow because it is tired in here!)

Here are some pics from today. E broke his skateboard so we had to buy a new one before coming Up North. He had to try the new one out in the parking lot at our few stops along the way. He is very cute when he sleeps too. This is how we roll on roadtrips: E sleeps, Alice drives!


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