Two Words: Fudge Donuts

IF you ever make it to Dundee, Scotland, you must find Fisher & Donaldson Bakery and have a Fudge Donut. Enough said.

I think there will be a lot of blogging to come after I get home in a week. London was everything I ever imagined and more. It was a big life moment to actually be there. Being in Scotland is a major bonus and day one was awesome already. MBCB is an amazing tour guide and so is her husband. I was able to see a cool museum and lots of cool shops/buildings, went to a castle, ate Indian food along the river across from a lighthouse boat, saw the beach along the Tay River and could see The North Sea in the distance, ate a yummy fudge donut(have I mentioned the yummy factor, even without there actually being any fudge/chocolate involved in the donut itself), did some Scottish dancing, and went to The Law, which is a great lookout point on top of an old volcano. All in all a pretty fantastic day. Don't worry. I am writing everything down and you will get play by plays in the next few weeks. I will have to figure out how to organize. Perhaps it will just have to be the 14 days of vacation and each day will be an ode to my vacation of the past!

Well, off to bed. It is much to late to be up. I had to get some laundry done though. I am getting sick of my clothes! Silly!

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Moo said...

So glad that you are enjoying yourself. Enjoy the accents for me, please:).