Wednesday/Thursday June 23-24 Dundee, Scotland

(Pics of Dundee from train as I departed!)

I'm just going to include what I have written in my travel journal. It may be edited for content. Not because of my vulgarity but probably because I am silly sometimes!

Mary Beth and I walked around York one last time and enjoyed the tourist shops. It was a fun morning. We got pasties at the train station and it was yummy!

Steve picked us up at the train station in Dundee and we drove all over getting stuff for a church function they were in charge of. It was a BBQ with wieners, chips(crisps), and ice cream.

We went into town because Steve had a meeting at his college and Mary Beth and I walked around downtown one last time. I was glad because I was able to get a t-shirt which I had not bought yet while in Scotland. I will miss the accents and rich history. The buildings are purely magical and it is truly a totally different place. I've noticed that the Scots are very helpful and kind which is nice. Seeing I am a bit nervous to be traveling alone on the train to Edinburgh to catch my flight, I asked a nice train guy if I was getting on the right train and he said: "Yes, on you go love!"

You would think going to the Iverkeithing station would be easy enough but I had to check about a million times that I was getting off at the right place!

I am sad to be leaving but at the same time it will be nice to not have to go and go and go!

**There is nothing like little kids with accents. There is a little blond boy on the train and it is adorable to listen to him speak!

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