The weekend!

Have you missed me? I tried to post yesterday but blogger was down. Silly blogger.

Home is beautiful and good. I got to eat pasties with my dad on Friday. That picture is a pic of a greek pasty. It was fabulous! I felt Greek.

Saturday was a pretty low key day with a run in the middle of it. I am enjoying the nice weather and the scenery.

I went to church on Sunday. That is just what I do. It was nice to reconnect with some old friends. I also wore that cool dress that my mom had for me in the closet. I think I look great in it! I have to admit, skinny feels good!

I watched four episodes of Bones and I am loving it. I think when I get home from the UK I am going to have to do netflicks so I can actually finish the series. It will be fun.

I was pretty excited about the new iPhone as well. It will be released the day I get back from Europe. Guess who will buy one the day after she flies in? Yep, me. I am excited.

I think my life is pretty boring these days. I am actually thankful for it. I like it. Being a slug suits me. I don't have much else so that is the end. Enjoy the pics!


Alyssa Brown Ronquillo said...

Girl you look freaking hot!!!! It is totally the push up!!!! lol. Miss ya. Hope you're having fun.

The Wolford Family said...

holy crap!!! you are soooo hot!!!