Westminster Abbey is Great: Wednesday, June 16

Pics: Me at Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Egyptian influence at Harrods, Memorial, Yummy food!

We finally figured out that we could ride a bus from our hotel to Victoria Station. Hmm...that would have helped the last week! Sad.

We rode the bus to Westminster Abbey. It was a very cool place and ranks up on the top of my London like list. There are hundreds of people buried there including many monarchs and famous British people. The church itself reminded me of lots of the churches in Russia. There were many side chapels and I was intrigued by the alter where the coronation of the British kings and queens happen. It was pretty cool to think about all the historical figures who stood in the same places I did. I also loved the poets' square where writers like Chaucer, Dickens, and Tennyson are buried. So many of whom I studied in college were there or memorialized there. There was a moment of silence for prayer and I got chills as I thought of all the historic prayers and people who worshipped there. It was also cool to see the actual coronation chair.

We then went to Harrods. I couldn't afford anything at that swag mall. The memorial to Princess Diana and Fiat was pretty cool and the Egyptian escalators were interesting.

I bought lots of shirts and souvenirs that I didn't need and then met up with my mom and her friend, Ruth for dinner. It was so good! Roast and both fried and mashed potatoes and my new favorite thing: Yorkshire Pudding. We stopped at Victoria Station again on our way back and got some yummy chocolate. Good stuff. I am starting to get very interested in "football." The World Cup is so fun to watch in a country that gets soccer and loves it! So fun! I even had a funny moment when my mother was talking about watching football with people back in Wisconsin and I totally was trying to figure out why they were watching soccer back here! Too funny!

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