York! York! York! Tuesday June 22

Pics: The Minster, The Wall of York, Clifford's Tower, The Shambles, Our tour guide.

Mary Beth and I went to York, England on the train today. It took about three hours and was a good trip.

We first saw the Minister which is a gorgeous old church building. We then walked to our hotel and found a pub to eat a late lunch at. It was good. If the applesauce were a little more real, the pork and applesauce sandwich would have been even better!

We then walked around the wall of the city(it was walled for protection back in the day...like Roman times), which is awesomely cool. This is one of only a few cities in the world that has kept its wall.

We also walked through a section of the town which is known as The Shambles. Basically, all the buildings are skiwampus. When you talk about something being in shambles it comes for this street.

We then went on a silly ghost walk. The man who guided us was hilariously creepy. He made me laugh a lot and I had no bad dreams! On the way back to our hotel we had some amazing Orange Ginger Cheesecake. Amazing, simply amazing!

York was a huge highlight of my trip!

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