The 4th.

Pics: Uncle Paul and his favorite pet, Dad and his four siblings at Grandpa K's grave, Old John Deere tractor, Cousin Adam acting like "Big Boy," Fireworks.

The Fourth of July was fabulous. We spent time at my Uncle Paul and Aunt Joanne's house. They live on the same land that my Grandpa farmed long ago. It is always fun to celebrate there because we can do whatever fireworks we want. (I bought bottle rockets and had fun firing them!) The other bonus of celebrating here is that I get to walk down memory lane and I go to the old barn. I did lots of "farmering" when I was little. It was one of my favorite places! We also head to the cemetery and fire off firecrackers on my grandpa's grave. He loved the 4th and I think it is a great way to honor his memory. He would be up at the crack of dawn to fire off firecrackers on the window sills of those still sleeping. I miss him!

It seems like I have been in a warp since going to the UK. It is weird to not have that to look forward to anymore. Maybe that is why I haven't posted since I posted about the trip.

I have been helping my nephew with his online class this past week and it was tiring. I think it is worth it in the end though. He is a good kid.

Off to Sam's Pizza tonight with a friend and then to play softball in Wausau. Good times!

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