Friday Food and Fun!

Wisconsinites are serious about their snowmobiling!

My pretty dinner!

Theses are the first pictures I have posted from the new iPhone. I know not all of you will be impressed by this, but I LOVE my new phone. His name is Indi and yes, I would marry him if he were a man! Friday was filled with me getting him running and playing with him. Love it!  I think the phone takes very nice pics. Maybe even better than my camera but definitely better than my old phone(see Burger King pic from a few posts ago to compare).

Mom, Dad and I went out to dinner at Cross Country which is about 10 min. outside of Rhinelander. I had some amazing salmon on a very cute fish plate. The highlight was the fancy glass my diet pepsi was served in. It is fun how sitting outside on a pleasant night with good food and company can make you feel like you are away in vacation. Oh wait.  I am away on vacation. Good times.

What kind if things are you doing this summer to make life a little less stressful? Leave a comment telling all of us! (and yes you should feel pressured to comment;)

Cross Counrty very Northwoodsy

My pretty drink.

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