Friday Fun Pics.

I learned about this awesome bakery that is about 45 minutes from my parents house from my Weight Watchers leader. So today my mom got off early from work and we drove to Antigo. We were so excited to find this bread that is made from flax seed, which is very low calorie and low fat that we bought a whole bunch. In fact, we got to the car and had some of their bagels and decided they were so good that we needed two more bags of them. It is like heaven! I really didn't know baked goods could make me so excited. Okay...so I knew they could because those pastries in Scotland were kick butt. But this is awesome because they are so yummy and yet so good for me too! A true win-win. The place is called Gunkle's. Check out their website. They ship to the continental U.S. so if you are interested...I think it would be totally worth it!

I also thought that really big buck was cool. Only in Wisconsin! :)

Oh and if you ever wondered where to park your ice cream, I found it!

My stomach is so stuffed right now with cheeseburger and fries that I think I could burst. It was so yummy. I am so lucky to be home and spoiled!

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