Fun in Mad Town

Been spending time with my sister's family in Madison the past few days. It had been fun as spending time with family always is! Mu sister is good to me and made me a cute room in her basement with a Christmas tree and all. I love using it for a lamp. There is definitely something magical about Christmas in July! I also found the Barbie beach van and it brought back a flood of childhood memories! Yesterday, my brother in law took me on a motorcycle ride. It was awesome. I could see my reflection in the back of his helmet and I had a silly grin on my face the whole time! We also went to my nephew's church which was nice. Lots of nice people there!

Today my niece and I hung out and it was pleasant. We had lunch and then an adventure. It included lip gloss which made her day!

Tonight I am off to a Brewer game with the nephews. Should be a blast!

*I have noticed that I have taken more pics of Divot the dog than I have of people. That is silly but I really do love that dang dog even if I had to clean up his poop this afternoon!

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