A Fun Thursday!

Perch Lake where I have done lots of fishing.

Cows on the way to Lake

Ah the great outdoors of Wisconsin.

Ty bouncing

Crystal Eating.

Ty and Dirt Cake

Crystal in cute Minnie Dress.

Today, after weighing in at Weight Watchers, I decided to drive to on of my favorite places in the area, Perch Lake. This year I haven't bought a fishing license. I don't know why...I just don't feel like fishing. It was nice to be at Perch Lake even not fishing. It is gorgeous. There was also a new pier at the park side of the lake and it was nice to walk out over the water. It brightened the day to go out there even though it was dreary and rainy.

I was going to pick my mom up in Wausau(she was in Atlanta this week) and stopped to have dinner with my friend, Kim, her husband and two kids. It was way fun to just catch up with them and to monkey around with the kiddos. I sure do love the wee ones.

Mom ended up not getting into Wausau, so I just hung out with Kim and Jesse until 11:30 chatting. It was a great Thursday.

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