Saw the pic on the way to my weigh in. I thought it was a good saying to live by.

I feel like I havn't been doing a whole lot. I have been watching a whole lot of Bones. I am loving the live streaming on netflix.

This week our softball team did an amazing feat. We were down 10-2 in the top of the last inning. Well, the bats turned golden and we just kept hitting and hitting. We actually went ahead 10-13. When the other team got up to bat, they threatened to score with two people on base and two outs. Their best hitter came to bat and by the advice of out pitcher's brother, Kim walked her to load the bases. The woman after her is a pretty good hitter so I was a little scared. She must have wanted to hit the ball over the fence because I felt the breeze from her bat as she swung for that fence. She missed the ball completely and in hit the ground for a perfect strike! This was also sweet revenge because one of our former players organized that team and they are a bunch of punks who were undefeated until Tuesday. Ha...now we have tied records. Yipee!

Well, that is all the excitment for now. I think you should "Play today!"

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Morgan -Ing said...

Wow, that is a huge comeback! Way to go Alice!