Pics from last few days.

Been having fun back in Rhinelander the past few days. Basically, it is a lot of prodding the nephew to get his Biology work done. I think I am going to need a vacation from this part of my vacation. Yesterday, I took a nice bike ride in the afternoon. I was out in the woods for a while, until the bugs got to me. On the way out, I saw those cool bones. I think it was a whitetailed deer. Of course, becuase I watch a lot of Bones, I thought I had discovered a murder scene at first. Silly television. I then went down by the river at Hodag Park and saw a very pretty sailed boat. (I am sure that is the technical name for it too!) Today, I went with my mom downtown for an art festival. We didn't see much of it because we got stuck in the awesome store Lattitudes. That is where that fabulous hat came from. I LOVE it! Tonight, I fell asleep watching Bones. I lead a pretty exciting life, no?

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