The Bestest Seester!

*This picture was taken yesterday after I had made Andi a sandwich. I didn't know if she wanted cucumbers or not so I just put carrots on her plate(she was on the phone making it hard to ask if she wanted some!). When she was off the phone, she said to me: "How come I don't get cucumbers with my sandwich?" This is why she got a cucumber tower.

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Sister:
1. She is my seester...hello!
2. She is kind and patient
3. She is just as wacky as I am.
4. She laughs at my jokes.
5. She picks on my just enough!
6. She has a cool car. (It is a lime green VW Bug)
7. She is generous. So generous, in fact, that she has let me drive her truck all summer long. She also bought me some prayer flags, stickers and a henna tatoo.
8. She is creative. She should be in the scrapbooking business. She is amazing. I wish I have the creative brain she does to work with paper!
9. She is an excellent mother who listens to her kids and wants the best for them!
10. She loved me enough to let mom and dad keep me.

Today is Andi's birthday and I was able to spend the morning with her. We celebrated with cake at breakfast...how cool is that? I haven't seen Andi on her birthday in about eight years because I usually have to be back to work by now. I guess there are some good things that come from losing a few of our professional days!

Love you Seester. Here is to this year being the best yet!

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BloggingBills said...

Rita, Rita, it sounds like you and your Seester are quite a fun pair. Cake is the perfect breakfast food. Just thought I'd let you know that your other family is excited to have you coming back to the shadow of the everlasting hills! We're glad you've had such a great summer and can't wait to hear more details! See you soon!