Demo Derby

That is a picture of Elijah and how excited he was to go to the demolition derby with me in Antigo yesterday. Just kidding. He was excited but it did get a little long for him. That really is a picture of him prior to doing an experiement about handwashing and the benefits of soap. Thrilling.

The demo derby was amazing. I will have to post the video of a car totally going over another car sometime. I don't know how to do that from the iPhone yet. It was a blast to be there. I also sat next to a very friendly man. I am sure if I had different moral values I would have had an invite for the night. I am glad that I have standards. He was interesting though and knew lots about the demo derby. I guess he has driven in over nine of them. It could have explained why he was a little different and slower...whiplash can do that to a brain, I hear.

Today, I made pizza with some of the fabulous flaxseed pizza dough we brought at Gunkle's. It is amazing and very low point for the whole Weight Watchers thing. I LOVE it. I have been enjoying those baked goods! Their bagels are amazing as well! That pizza was divine. I think I could run a pizza business. Yum, yum and yum. I bet you wish you were my family so you could have had dinner with me tonight!

The other pics are of Ty(friend, Kim's, son) at the derby. I loved his green earplugs. The other is me and my newest dress. Dang...I am looking fine! :)

More Biology tutoring in the morning. I better get some rest!


Erin said...

Elijah looks like he is slowly turning into a deranged Smurf in that picture...haha...I was amused.

Erin said...

Oh, and I really like that dress. That is all.
Oh, no it isn't. Isaac and I are moving back to Utah at the end of this month. Wanna party?