A Fun (and laughter)Filled Weekend!

The week went very well. I HATE the first week. The first day is especially my least favorite. It ranks up there with the last day because you really can't do anything or expect that the kids will be on their A game. So in other words, it means I have to be on and it is really just the get to know you crap that I really don't care about. Okay..so that was maybe a little strong. I actually do like getting to know my students, but I really don't think I need games or worksheets to do so. I kinda like to just get at it! I am liking my classes. They seem to be fun already. It is going to be a fantastic year...because I said so. See, I have been using the word fantastic a lot lately. Somebody asks me how my summer was: "Fantastic." Somebody asks me how the first day went: "Fantastic." Somebody asks me how the weekend was: "Fantastic." You get the picture right? I figure that everything is going to be fantastic because I have decided that it will be fantastic. So take that dreary world of reality...it will be fantastic.

My friend, Alisha, visited from Logan for the weekend. She is wonderfully fantastic. Basically, when we get together, it is a party of laughter all of our waking hours. She arrived on Friday night and we stayed up talking until late. Then Saturday we didn't do much except watch movies and hang in our pajamas. We did get dressed to go to the drive thru at In-N-Out, and that seemed even a little much. I think we could have pulled off the pajama look from the car! It was hard to have her leave today because having her around is really non-stop entertainment.

Tonight, I went up to my other family's house in Sandy. They are always so good to me and I really like hanging out with the nephews. As you can see by the pics, they are also a hoot. Highlights were Spencer telling everybody that he was going to whack them in the bottom, Oliver putting food on his head, Henry being picky about his food and giving me lots of hugs, trying to convince Josh(the teenager) to come eat dinner with us, swinging the boys around, catching a little chat with Morgan about homemade laundry soap and bread, getting a million kisses from little boys, Oliver dancing to music, watching Bones, the boys loving their new Packer hats that I found in the airport in Minneapolis(aren't they cute) and eating way too much yummy brownies. It is so nice to have an adoptive family here in Utah. I love it and them!

Well, I must put myself to bed. It is kinda early for me but I really am not ready for tomorrow's school day so I better get myself into work a little early to plan. Oh the joys of being a teacher.

Here is to a fantastic week. Think it and it will be it! :)

p.s. I have caught a little bit of the Wisconsin accent. The title of the blog is true. How do I make it so I don't lose it?

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Alisha Gilbert said...

Oh golly would you look at those pictures!? Eeep!! :) Remember that one time when we spent all day in our pajamas? And then got dressed basically at the end of the day? THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! :) Love you Alice!!!