Fun in Rhinelander

The girls came up on Friday night for games. I did not take pictures. Bad Alice. I did, however, take pictures today of the adventures Marla, Jeanette and I had around the city. We had planned to play disc golf but there was a tournament going on at the course. So we decided to go letterboxing. It was a good adventure. The pic of Jeanette and Marla in a maze was at the start of our adventure to find two letterboxes. Then we headed over to the Oneida County Fair. It actually was pretty fun for the po dunk kinda fair it is around here. I enjoyed the log rolling contest, animals, butter lathered corn on the cob and dunking a police officer in the dunk tank. You can see how excited I am before I threw the first ball. I missed four times and then was permitted to walk up two steps...then I finally go him! We also did some shopping downtown! It was very fun to have Marla and Jeanette stay the night last night(Marla and I talked til two a.m.) and to be able to play today.

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Morgan -Ing said...

Dad says, "Way to go Softball Rita!" :)