Elijah and I are doing a lot of schooling this week. He spends about four hours a day in front of the computer. I sit next to him mainly for moral support. On occasion he needs help to organize what he has to do and where to find information. I do a lot of cruising the internet. Yesterday, I looked at houses for a few hours. I think I am going to start saving some money to put a down payment down one of these days. That is crazy, no? That means I would have to admit that I am settling down in Utah. Boo! :)

The picture from Wausau Mine Co. just made me laugh. Do I mention much about Brett Farve every year? Yep, he's and idiot still...just wanted to put that out there. I am glad I will be five rows from the field on the 14th to see Aaron Rodgers. He is much cuter than Brett and actually, last year had a better year. He doesn't get much press for it because of the shadow he is under. One day that shadow will go away!

Enough about that.

We had to dissect a flower yesterday and find a bunch of seeds. The past few days we did an experiment about yeast growth and I thought the bottles looked pretty with the different balloons. Science is life around here lately!

Wednesdays have always been taco night at Pat's Tavern for our family. Last night was no different. It was yummy!

We won our softball game on Tuesday. It had been three weeks since we last played thanks to the rain. It was nice to get out even though it was so humid my clothes felt as if I had showered in them! The next two weeks we have double headers. Crazy to think that the day after the last games I will hop onto a plane back to Salt Lake. Summer is going much too fast!

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