Well, I made it back safely to Utah. I was just in time to celebrate Morgan's(sister from my other mother) birthday. Sarah, Morgan and I went to The Olive Garden. We then played ladderball. The kiddos did a good job of being patient while we played so we decided to be nice and let them play a few rounds!

I bought a new Shark steamer. It cleaned my kitchen floor, stove, toothbrush holder, and bathroom sink very well. My house is still not up to my liking in cleanliness(who knew I had a standard, but lots of things about me seem to be different these days.) but in time it will get there. By the way, I LOVE the new little steamer. It rocks!

This weekend Megan came to visit me from down South. I just realized I did not take any pics from our adventures.(except of the walls in the hotel, cool eh? We shopped, ate, met Morgan and Derek and the kids in Provo Canyon for a bit(isn't Oliver adorable?), went to Salt Lake and stayed in a nice hotel, ate, and soon will eat again, then it will be off to Provo again and my Relief Society lesson at church. Nice little weekend.

Oh and I learned which sidewalk users should walk down in Provo Canyon. In case you were wondering! Silly signs make me chuckle!

Better go get ready to face reality. Cheers!

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