A fun weekend.

I went to Heber City on Friday night and stayed with my friend, Kristi and her husband. We watched a movie and stayed up late talking. Then Saturday, Kristi and I went four wheeling near her family's cabin. It was a blast. We took the shortcut and enjoyed the fall colors. It was gorgeous. Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall? Well, I do.

I loved watching Kristi be a farmer out back of her house. Her chickens are pretty darn cool. Curt, her husband, made a pretty cool chicken coop for the chickens. He is nice. They both treated me well and it was like I went to a hotel for the weekend. It was a very relaxing and fun time. The weekend was awesome.

Last night I was up at the Bills. They are good to me too. Great food and even greater company as always.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the surgeon. I guess I will have news about when my gallbladder will meet its fate!

I am tired and off to bed. Thanks for reading.


Moo said...

FarmerBoy says that apparently you can take the Wisconsin out of the Girl, since you are having your gallbladder out :)

J.B. said...

I just have to comment on the gallbladder issue. I obviously don't know how miserable you are, but I just wanna say if there is ANY WAY with dietary changes, and natural hippie stuff, or whatever to avoid its removal, it's worth it. I have multiple relatives who have had the surgery and while life is miserable beforehand, it's definitely not great after, either. Gallbladders do serve a purpose. Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do. I know it sounds like I am, but I'm not. I'm just sayin' . . . .