Gallbladders and stuff.

Tell me about your experiences with gallbladder removal. According to my HIDA scan, my gallbladder is only emptying at 9%. To me that means there is something wrong with it. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday and I want to know what to expect and if any of you may have opted not to have surgery and what you did to not have to deal with contant pain, gas, etc. People giving me advice this far has been mixed. Let the comments rip!


CassiLou said...

It's a fast procedure and you will do very well, I know it. Is there someone who can stay with you overnight that first night? Or are you going to go up to sandy for some TLC? If not... let me know... I will be there!

The Wolford Family said...

Alce - I posted on face book but I will here too-it's an easy surgery, fast recovery I was up in a day or so but still a little sore, I had stones but hey weren't the problem. the problem was when ever I ate almost ANYTHING I got bad stomach craps and diareha. I never knew what would set it off. It's genetic so it's no wonder with you..ha ha ha anyway the pain is gone and eveything else is better, not perfect but better. If you need anthing let me know and I'll see what I can do....hopefully you'll be good by Sat when we all PLAY!!!