Good Times.

This week felt long in the middle of it, even though it went really fast looking back from the other end of the weekend. School is rolling along. Most of my classes are very tiny, including one with just two students. Imagine, if you will, how difficult it is to do say group work with TWO kids. Yeah...it doesn't work. But I love my students and I am loving my job, even if it has political issues and my classes are small. I really think I may write a book about the stupidity that is school politics. Unfortunately, it would be boring and pretty much nobody would read it. So maybe I won't write it!

I have been slowly getting my apartment cleaned up. I finished cleaning the front room carpet yesterday. It feels good to have clean carpet. I am still on a rampage to get rid of things I do not need. The clutter around me is killing me. It is a slow process but it is getting there! How did I get so much crap?

Friday, I had fun hanging with the Sandy family and eating burgers. Man, I love a good cheeseburger. I sure do love my little nephews. Oliver was especially cute with his blue face from his lollipop from dinner and while in the car he was sleepy and I put my hand on his face and he rubbed my arm. It is a good thing I have these wee ones around to get my baby time in! After dinner I played two softball games with a friend from church on his work team. We lost both games but it is fun to be playing again.

Yesterday, I hit the farmer's market where I found a place that has good beef to buy. I watched Food Inc. a month ago and really am not impressed with out meat supply in this country. I want grass fed beef and I think I will be able to get it through this company. Do not watch that movie if you do not want to change your views on food! Just a warning. I then went on a hike with my friend, Jane, who teaches at my school. We took her dogs and it was a fun little adventure to Stewart Falls. I am loving hiking in Utah. It is so pretty. Notice in the pics that the leaves are starting to change up there. I sure do love fall. It has been nice to have the weather a little cooler to sleep at night.

Last night was a baby shower for Shule, a former teacher at my school. It was fun to see her all glowing and to eat the great food her mother made. It was a great time.

I then went home and ran on my new treadmill. It was a great deal and I am enjoying having it...even though running outside will always trump the dreadmill! That thing was only 100 clams. Can you believe it? Me either. I am a lucky girl! That thing will make life in the winter easy. Well maybe not easy because it is major work to get myself to get on those things...but it will be handy.



The Wolford Family said...

Good for you to declutter - I do it constantly and it makes me feel good becasue I don't want to be on HOARDERS - anyway are you going to play with us over conference? I think we're going to try to go out while the boys are at priesthood!! WOO HOO!!!!

Alice said...

Yes....I am planning on playing with you guys. It will be a party and a half.