This week flew by. Crazy. Life is just plugging along. Not too much in news besides the whole getting the gallbladder out on Wednesday. Other than that not much new.

I did spend time up in Sandy with the other family this weekend. I overate and felt not so good on Saturday morning. I guess that is what you get for eating the large fry. I had to get them in before the surgery though.

Morgan helped me make an awesome cape. It is secretive but it is full of superpower! I may just wear one everyday! Thanks Morgan....you rock!

We did a lot of running around the valley on Saturday after I got a run in. The pic with the mountains during the day is from the run. It was fun to hang with both Sarah and Morgan and the kiddos and the Derek.

Today we had a picnic in the mountains. It was gorgeous. I sure do love living here. It is a nice place. I also love living around those cute boys. I am so lucky to be an aunt to wee ones even though my biological siblings didn't have wee ones. I am a lucky adopted girl! I have two great families. They all make me happy.

The pic of the deer is from work. We basically have a zoo classroom around the place!

I hope this next week is full of surprises for us all. And good ones at that!

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