Out with the old....

This is the excitement of the day. I bought a new straightener because mine died. It actually quit functioning on picture day at school. Good thing I had the help of my girls' PE class to straighten my hair because it turned out to be an awesome picture!

I will have my gallbladder removed next Wednesday for those that were curious! Good times. You can all send me love and stuff Wednesday.

I also went to the movie Knight and Day tonight. It is majorly funny and I would recommend it. It wad fun to go out on a weekday. Yep, I live on the edge sometimes!

Well, better sleep. Hope your day was full of cotton candy and rainbows. It rained today and it was awesome. It sounded so cool on the roof of the gym. Especially when it was hailing! The crickets are happy right now. I love this time of year!

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