Right Here! Right Now!

That is a picture of me in my office. I like my office. That is where I am right now and what I am doing is blogging because I am ready for class and not wanting to grade the assignments that are piling up on my desk.

Tonight is Parent-Teacher Conferences. It will be fun. At least, I am deciding that it will be. Even if nobody comes, I have a great book I am reading. Read The Hunger Games. Great book...I am addicted lately.

I found out yesterday that my gallbladder hates me and must be removed. I will be having to have another surgery. I figure after two surgeries in two years, I will be covered for a while when it comes to illness. I also am hoping my gallbladder weighs ten pounds and then I will be at my goal weight.

I have had a busy week, but if you asked me what I have been up to, I wouldn't have an answer. It is a blur. I have enjoyed sitting on my couch and watching TV at night and catching up with a few friends.

It has been a great week. I did think to myself this week that I actually get paid to do this job. It is a blast and really I should have to pay admission or something.

Here are some funnies from class this week. I was playing AC/DC's song Thunderstruckand one of my students kept singing: "Sundance" whenever "Thunderstuck" was being sung. It was hilarious. This same students always says "QUE?"(Spanish for WHAT?) when he thinks something is weird or funny and I have been saying it a lot these days too...but of course it is in a funny high pitched voice.

Well, better get back to work. Cheers!

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