Yeah. I live here!

I was awe struck by the pretty mountains yesterday. It made me glad to be back in Utah. Weird. Sometimes I don't like that I live in Utah but other times I am really content with it. Why is that?

I was playing tennis with a friend yesterday when I realized that the mountains were just so pretty.

The week has been just pretty typical. I guess I am back in grove again!

Here are some funny conversations from Health Class today:

1. A girl asked if I was married or dating anybody. I told her that was a pretty personal question but answered anyway.

2. Same girl mentioned how she always wants to eat chocolate while menstruating. The boys all thought that conversation was too much and inappropriate for school. I laughed. They compared it to talking about their crotch and I disagreed. It was just funny. Maybe you had to be there.

3. A real funny part of the previous conversation was that another boy who was not listening very closely said: "Who's a lesbian?" and we all laughed at him because we never mentioned lesbians. It as funny too...but maybe you had to be there.

An other exciting note. I was looking into subscribing to the Salt Lake Tribune and it was way too expensive but I have discovered that we get the paper at school and I can take a copy for free each day. Bonus. Isn't it wonderful how the little things can make me so excited?

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Morgan -Ing said...

"Who's a lesbian?" Nice.