Another Week in Review.

I feel a little geriatric and can't remember what photos I emailed for this post. I do remember that I have one with me and my cape that will be a part of my Halloween costume.(Thanks Morgan!) I also remember a few pics of my walk from Friday. Thursday I cleaned with my new steam mop. It is my new favorite cleaning appliance. I also had my car tuned up. Thrilling stuff to do on fall break, no? Friday I slept in and went to Park City and bought some clothes. It was a fun trip with a friend followed by food from In-And-Out. Saturday was fabulous because I slept until 11. I then went shopping again and then ate Panda Express(I had been craving it for a while!) and watched a movie with the other fam!

Sorry I have been a slacker of a blogger. Maybe this week will be better. Maybe not.

The other pics are of the kiddos at The Bills tonight being silly and the balloons are how we decorated for a co-workers birthday. I liked that sign because I sometimes feel like we still live in the ice ages because it is still an insult to throw "like a girl" and some people still think it is funny to tell sexist jokes like: "what do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothing she has already been told twice!" I don't find it funny at all. The world sucks sometimes in its viewpoints. I'm just saying!

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