Baby Time.

So it is Wednesday. I seriously thought it was Wednesday yesterday. For some reason, I have been a geriatric lately and my brain is a slow functioner. It has made for some interesting moments when I can't remember a word and make up one. I am thinking the reason why I am slow is because my body is still recovering from the lack of sleep while partying in Logan this past weekend.

Monday I was able town meet my friend's, Shule's, baby. Elia is such a cute peanut. I am kinda a sucker for babies as you can tell by that silly grin in the first photo. Right now there is a total of four new babies had by friends in the past two weeks. It is a good that I have good friends who take care of my baby hunger needs.

This Friday will be the end of the first term. It is kinda weird to think it is already here. Just moving along and being happy with the right here and now. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Crazy.

It snowed here last night. I am trying to think it is pretty and not complain about it. Seriously, it will be a LONG winter, if I forget that positivity makes everything more bearable.

Well. Enjoy your midweek. I know I will! And happy World Series to you!


MBC said...

Holy cow! Shule's baby looks so much like her, don't you think? Cute baby!

Alice said...

Yeah she looks lots like Shule. She also looks like her dad too. It is crazy how those genetics work!