Goodbye Pepe.

Ignore the third pic if you don't like gory inerds. It is a pic of the diseased gallbladder. The other pics are of me pre-surgery and out for a walk today.

Hi all. It is day two post surgery and I am feeling much better. Not completely 100% yet, but I am getting there. The operation seemed to go well and it is funny how my body reacted to it. I have this cute little bubble in my belly above my belly button. I guess in order to take that dang gallbladder out they had to pump me full of gas in order to have the room to use the scopes. It has seemed to go down in swelling the more I get out and walk. I have also been weighing myself often and I was up about 15 lbs at one point. It has slowly gone down. Crazy how much fluid can weigh as well!

I am glad I got that thing out of me. Looks like it was caked with black disease. Funny how I thought I was crazy all these years while in pain. I think this all started when I was in college. Glad I pushed the subject with my doctor or this may have never been taken care of!

I am recovering well and it is almost time for the pain meds again. I get a little loopy on those but it is better than being in pain! Maybe it is good I blogged prior to being hopped up on them again! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate them. Sorry if you were grossed out by the pic. I think it demonstrates why that sucker had to come out!

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We are also happy you are better. It was fun to see you eating normally again!
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