Halloween Festivities.

A few of the teachers dressed up for Halloween yesterday. It is so fun to dress up. As you can see by my awesome cape, I am Awesome Alice for Halloween this year! I am pretty excited to go trick or treating later tonight with those cute boys. I am so lucky to have wee ones around to celebrate with. That pic is from last sunday, we watched the Packer game together. It was stellar.

We had burgers last night and it was so yummy. It was really a low key Friday night. I was glad for it!

This is a short post. I have some things to get done before heading up to Salt Lake for all the celebrations. I am pretty dang excited to eat Panda Express as well. It is a Bills tradition and I am way excited for Orange Chicken. I really do live for food. :)

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Girl, do not turn sideways cause you will disappear! You look so amazing and thin, I am very happy for you and your sucessful weightloss! Keep it up! Cool costume and I hope you had fun with the Bills, I am so sure you did! :0)