A Midweek In Review.

It is Wednesday. I feels like it should be next week. It is dragging. At the same time, the days seem to fly by quickly when I am thinking about it at 11:30 when I am finally getting myself to bed. I must be better about getting to bed by 10:30. It makes s huge difference.

I cleaned out my closets and dresser on Monday and I have FOUR garbage bags full of clothes to take to Deseret Industries. It feels good to rid myself of non-fitting clothes. It is almost as if I am ridding myself of the things in my life I don't want anymore. My weight transformation really had been so much more than just losing weight. I feel like I am a better person inside and that is nice.

The kids are playing Badminton in PE this week. I get a little bored just watching. I played a bit yesterday, but it made my side a little sore. Guess I still have to take it a bit easy!

I am looking forward to a little trip to Logan for the weekend. I love that little city. I think I would live there if I didn't feel like I was supposed to be living in Provo.

Well, I better go and tape some racquets. Don't be jealous!

Oh and the pics are from a bonfire I went to last night. I almost forgot to mention it because it was kind of uneventful and very awkward. It was a church activity and let's just say, my ward is special!

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