The Pumpkin Walk and Fun with Alisha.

So. The weekend was amazing. I got to spend time with one of my favorite people in the world, in one of my favorite places in the world. It was destined to be amazing. The lack of sleep was totally worth it.

We had our traditional Pumpkin Walk night on Friday. We went to The Factory Pizzaria and had an amazing sausage and mushroom pizza. We then headed over to the walk. I think it was the best I've seen in ten years. Way to go North Logan for the great experience. We then stayed up much too late and woke up in time to get to the Utah State Homecoming Parade.

We then headed to lunch and then to the Logan Temple. We then had Aggie Ice Cream. I love Pecan Praline. Yum! (I am pretty sure all the amazing food I ate this weekend will cause a week of no loss this week!)
We then shopped and shopped had a tasty dinner and then carved pumpkins. I drove home Sunday morning and taught in Relief Society at church.

It was one full and fun weekend. Thanks Lish!

Here are some of the hilarious things that were said by us. We pretty much are the silliest when together:

Me: "I'm so geriatric I just forgot about you saying 'You would' after two seconds."
Alisha: "I'm gonna pee my pants. Now that's geriatric!"

Lish is deaf so she said "huh?" a lot. She also heard "Dust eater" when I said "back door guest."

I was excited to use my flashlight app when we were getting pumpkins and said: "There's an app for that." Alisha then said "Um. I am pretty sure every phone has a lighted screen that works like that." She thought it was hilarious.

Me: "You make me laugh."
Lish: "It's because you are so funny!"

Lish thought it was hilarious when I asked her if she knew the back way to her house. I thought it was an honest question.

Lish: "I cut and highlighted my hair's friend."

Alisha thought I was crazy when I told her she could give me some tips when she did my make-up. I was not implying that she should pay me!

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