Week in Review.

I started a new grateful list on my whiteboard in my kitchen. It was fun to read through last year's list. It was interesting that one of the first things was that I was thankful for good doctors. This year I am glad again for that. Thanks goodness that there are people who want to cut people open and harvest organs. Eww...but thanks!

The sunsets have been amazing this week. I love going to work and seeing awesome sites like the one seen here! I love the storminess of Fall!

I have been enjoying my job. The kids really are good this year. I am so lucky to teach them. Again, I feel like I am teaching so much more than just Health and Physical Ed. I am also teaching them how to live better and more importantly how to treat each other better! Girls' PE is a challenge but very fun. They were very entertaining while playing dodgeball this past Friday. Pure Animals!

We had out first awards assembly of the year. It is hard to think we are getting pretty close to the end is the first term and Fall Break. A few teachers got pie in the face at the assembly. I am glad I was not one of them!

I haven't been losing weight the past few weeks, I feel I do have a good excuse with the whole recovering from surgery stuff, and I am looking good, if I do say so myself!

Yesterday, I walked in a Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Salt Lake with a few friends. It was nice to get out and be moving even if it was chilly!

Last night, I went and hung with the Bills. We ate pizza and launched rockets. It was a blast. I sure do love Morgan's wee ones. I also enjoyed carpooling with Erin and Isaac. We always have good conversation and laughs!

It's hard to think the weekend is almost over, but it is nice to go to work tomorrow knowing that I will have Thursday and Friday free! Yipee.

Hope the fall is treating you all well so far. Cheers!

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