The Weekend.

Me out walking. My arm post IVs. Oliver after dinner tonight.

It has really been a great weekend. I haven't been in much pain and I have been surrounded by cool people. The weather has been nice for walking(which I do a lot of to avoid the blood clots.). And I ate burgers and fries and did not have any sort of crazy symptoms thanks to being gallbladderless. Interesting huh? I guess one that is working at 9% really doesn't do much and my body has already adjusted! Go body go!

General Conference for my church was awesome. I love to hear the leaders of my church tell of what is right and wrong in our world. For some it seems harsh, for me it just makes sense.

Friday, I watched a movie with a friend. It has been so nice to have great friends who have taken care of me. Morgan deserves the dedication award for putting up with me before and after surgery and getting my prescriptions in. The ladies from work deserve a big above and beyond award for making a rotation list of people to be with after surgery on Wednesday. IT was good that I was not alone and nauseous. Kerri gets the thanks for sleeping on a crappy futon award. IT is a great award...it probably has something to do with being able to sleep in for like five days in a row. Just have lounged the weekend away. Went out to eat last night with the Bills girls while the guys went to Priesthood meeting. It was fun. Shule came to visit today and brought evil cinnamon rolls. Now it is time to sleep and get up to work tomorrow. Thrilling.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers this week. Keep them going for a quick recovery!


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