I should be sleeping.

Just a little update. I will be so excited to have a weekend starting tomorrow. It seems like this week has been eternally long. Tomorrow I am in charge of the assembly and I am not looking forward to it. I will be glad when it is done but until then I will stress out.

I should have been able to start running on Wednesday, but I tried playing some basketball and my side hurt. Stupid lack of gallbladder keeping me down. I guess it is the exercise bike for a few more weeks. I also think I am getting a little bit of a cold. That doesn't make me happy either. SIGH. November is hard. I am actually behind on the novel too. It just feels busy in here.

Well, I better hit the hay. Hope you are having one heck of a day!


Moo said...

Wow. Look at your fancy new background. I like it!

Alice said...

I know, right? It is fancy. Baseball is over so it was time.