Thankfulness all around.

Happy Thanksgiving plus a few days. I am so blessed in my life. I could list all of the ways I am blessed, but it would be much too long of a list. These pictures illustrate a few of the things I am thankful for in my life.

Babies all around. Have I mentioned that I am so thankful my friends keep me in babies for my need to have baby time? I am.

My new air popcorn popper is awesome. It was awesome the other night to watch Avatar on the new TV and have flavored popcorn!

Levi did not like his turkey thanksgiving hat but he faked it just for your viewing pleasure. Oliver LOVED smearing his pie all around. That kid is seriously one of my favorites these days. He had me hopping around with a stuffed frog much of the time at Sarah's house on Friday. I also had to humor him for the last 45 minutes of our drive back to Morgan's and Derek's yesterday. He thought it was hilarious to "eat" my hand and have me catch his feet. Silly kid. I love my hat and Spencer thought that it needed to be tied and that we needed to take a silly picture at breakfast in Manila Saturday. It was nice to just hang out, eat and we went out in the fun snow to get Christmas trees. Josh is a master hunter and "delivered" as he said because of his fancy Pizza Hut hat! He also had fun being silly on the treadmill. I got to drive from Salt Lake to Layton with him a few times this past week. It is nice to have a little brother now seeing I never had one before. I like my adopted family.

Thanksgiving has been a great time. I love vacation and spending time with fun people!

Hope all your celebrations were fantastic!

(This should have been posted on Saturday but my silly iPhone was being silly.)

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Hey guess what>? Nobody loves you and Nobody definitely misses you...lots!