The Week Ends!

Good week all in all. Today is a different day. A little disturbed that my car has a gas lead and it will cost about three hundred clams to fix. I guess I am still thankful for the beast and a great mechanic who opened on a saturday to fix it and that it can be fixed. Just a bummer. Guess it happens to people who claim to be spoiled brats, which I am.

The sunsets around here have been fabulously beautiful this past week. I really am still loving this time of year. Even if the snow comes this week, I will still like it. I have been amazed how a positive attitude about life makes it so much easier! Is it normal not to have snow before Thanksgiving? I can't even remember.

I loved meeting, Sylvia, Julianne's new baby. She is a cutie with a built in personality already! I love that my friends keep having babies for my entertainment. Thanks guys! :)

School is going well. I am really liking those little crazies these days. I think they help me keep a good outlook with their energy. I also feel having a good attitude toward them helps me to have a good outlook and energy. The year is just moving along so quickly...CRAZY!

This weekend should be pretty low key. Went out to burgers with friends last night, isn't that the cutest little burger ever? I actually found out you can get any of their burgers in "petite" size! It is a glorious discovery! Cleaning this morning and then writing some this afternoon. The car is getting fixed right now. Tomorrow church, Packers football and dinner with friends. Life is good even with the blips! Hope all is going well for all of you! :)

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BloggingBills said...

Love that positive attitiude. It's a terrific vibe! Keep it up skinny girl.