The Blogging Slacker Apologizes.

Hi kids. How is December treating you so far? If you are like me then December is sometimes a bad word because it means cold and winter. But this year, I have decided to again use my superpower of positivity to make December a good month. Here are a few of the things that I have already done to be happy in December:
1.  I got a Christmas tree. I have talked myself out of buying a fake one like a thousand times and found a solution to the whole having to store a silly fake one. I went with the other family into the woods near Manila and got a real Blue Spruce. Thank you nature!
2. I bought new LED lights for said tree. I love to sit watching TV with just the LEDs for mood lighting. Love it.
3. I also decorated the tree with old and new ornaments.
4. I did donuts after a new snow. Sometimes a fresh snow in an empty  parking lot calls for lots of circles while in a car!
5. I watch movies all. the. time.  Have I mentioned my awesome new TV. It helps make December and life bearable!
6. I listen to Kelly Clarkson's album "My December". It isn't festive and I have no clue what it has to do with December in general, but it seems appropriate.
7. I tune into 24 hour Christmas music while out and about. It helps get me to work in a good mood most days!
8. I just bought snowpants. It will make it easy to go out in the snow and enjoy it.
9. I bought snowshoes. A friend and I have plans to go on snowshoe adventures every week. It will be fun to the the mountains in winter!
10. I can't really think of another deliberate thing I am doing to make winter easier, but it feels like there should be ten!

Hope you day is spamtastic. I am waiting to meet the newest nephew while watching the three others. Little excited and good thoughts and vibes to Morgan right now! (update. Baby is here!)

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am so happy you left a comment on my blog! I feel for you having to give the sex ed lesson to a bunch of teenagers I don't want to think about how it would turn out if I had to do it!

Good job on your positive thinking. I love your tree and I love your snow angel!

You are awesome!

Nobody loves you!!!