Fun school day!

Tuesday was a fun day. The half day of school before Christmas Break is always one of my favorite days at work. This year it snowed a ton the night before. It was pretty but driving to work was challenging. I went sideways as I tried to stop for the stoplight near my house and some idiot pedestrians jaywalked right in front of me. Sillies.

I helped mop up the mess from snow covered shoes, so the kids wouldn't slip as they came in the door. We also did our traditional cheer for each kid as they came in. Their faces of confusion are always one of my favorite things.

We did the usual writing of Christmas letters to former students who are now serving in the military. It was fun to be able to write to my former students. I am very proud of them. We then had games down in the gym. I was in charge of running a three on three basketball tournament and it was a hit and very fun. The day really went fast.

We then had our work Christmas party at Magelby's. It was a blast with an ugly sweater contest(Matt pictured above won fair and square!!!) We also had a white elephant exchange and I was sorely disappointed that I did not get a new elephant. ha ha. I loved my present though...an original painting by one of our instructional assistants. I picked it because I thought the wrapping with left-handed writing was hilarious.

Later, Jane, Janette, and I went and delivered our turkeys that the school district gave us to three of our students' families. (What are single people to do with a turkey anyway!) It was fun to give in this way and I hope the three families we gave the food to use it to have a good holiday this weekend! We saw that really tall and cool snowman while out and about.

I also received my lifetime membership at Weight Watchers. You can read about it here. It was fun to make this big goal and I am proud of my journey.

Later that night, I had a date after much picking on by my friends and leaders at the WW meeting. I love those sillies.

It was the best date I have been on in years. I won't give you too much detail here because I don't want to jinx anything and really I don't think this is the venue for it. Just know I had a great time and hope to hang out with the nice man another time next week! The END.

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