I am in Love...

My sister from another mother, Morgan, had her baby yesterday. His name is Ezra and I am totally in love with him. Morgan trusted me enough to take care of her other three kidlets while she was in labor and because I love those three midgets, I gladly took over kid duties yesterday. I got the call a little before seven that Morgan was in labor so I got ready and headed up to Layton(a good hour and twenty minute drive). When I got there, the boys were watching TV and Morgan was doing her thing downstairs. I still want to have kids but man, I am not looking forward to birthing. It sounded like it hurts A LOT!!!

But that cute little peanut makes the process so amazing. Morgan is amazing and I truly look up to her even if she is younger than me. It was such an honor not only to take care of the boys for her, but to be one of the first people to meet Ezra. He was even still slippery as I put him into the blanket that the midwife weighed him in. (He was that NEW!)

I am so interested in the process and don't judge me but I totally want to have my babies at home when I have them! Midwives are awesome and really know their stuff. Kim taught me a lot. I even got to see the placenta. Most people are weirded out by it but I was so interested and took pictures to show my health classes. I am such a nerd when it comes to that stuff. I am sure I shouldn't blog about this because some of you will get weirded out but seriously....all of this is part of a natural process that is so amazing and miraculous. I really don't have the words to describe how very cool it all was to be there that day!

I took the day off of work today because I was so tired last night. I have a lot of respect for women who stay home with their babies. Man...taking care of three boys five and under was a lot of work. I am a pansy. I am sure you get used to it when you are the parent but really I have so much respect for parents. The boys were really good, but there were moments where I asked myself: "What would I do if these were my babies?" I sure love those boys though. They made me laugh so hard at lunch when they were being "ninjas." Spencer and Henry just randomly put their shirts over their heads and I looked up from my jelly sandwich and saw them like in the picture. So funny. They watched a lot of cartoons and Oliver and I played and played. They were so cute when they met their brother. So much fun.

It was nice to just chill today. I actually went for a run and it was fabulous. I couldn't believe that it is December and I was hot in running pants and a long sleeve shirt. I love the spring like weather that sometimes comes here in Utah!

Well, better get some sleep for my return back to work!


J.B. said...

You should send me a placenta picture. I told the doc that I wanted to see mine, but he was a little bit lame and just ignored me. I am so curious what it looks like and I don't want to wait three years to find out.

MBC said...

I like you and your positive attitude. That is all.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks again for being so willing! We were all very very grateful you were there!