A letter to Santa

Today I had my 4th hour Leadership class write letters to Santa. They thought I was crazy but some of them really got real and were honest about what they really want in their lives. It was fun. I also wrote one and read it to them. They were so cute and even supported me when I got emotional at parts. I feel like it really helped them bond a little with me. Here is my letter:

Dear Santa,
I haven't written you in a while. Some people think that it is silly to do this, but I believe it is important to check in sometimes.

I'd like a few things for Christmas, even thought I feel like I already have more than enough for what I need. I really wish for the good feelings that I have right now to continue thought this whole holiday season. I wish for the opportunity to see many family and friends during the holiday and that the weather will be good for travel so I can have a special lady's night dinner with my 85 year old grandma, some aunts, and a few cousins! I also wish that I'll get to see my sister and even though it is a stretch, I'd love to see my brother. It's been way too long! And if I don't get to see him, please help that he and his family will have a very happy Christmas and that they know I love them!

I also wish that my students will have a great break. Help them to get the desire to pass more classes and to be graduates in 2013! Help them to have peace in their hearts and much happiness in their lives!

I really do have all the material goods I need. I guess iTunes gift cards or some blu-ray discs would be nice. But I don't really NEED them! And if you'd help the Packers make the playoffs, I'd be thrilled!

I'm so luck and blessed in my life. I have great friends and an awesome family. I'm also thankful for all the new babies in my life that remind me of big love!!!

Oh, you could bring some tall, handsome man into my life. I wouldn't complain about that. I'm totally ready to be swept off my feet! I'm just sayin'!

Good luck on your journey this Christmas Eve and thanks for all you do to make this world a happier and better place.


P.S. World peace would be nice too and the world needs it now more than ever!!! Cheers!

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Morgan -Ing said...

I like your letter. :)