Oh The Pilgrimage Home is Always Good!

It is nice to be home. I feel very lucky to have made it to Rhinelander last night. My flight out of Salt Lake City was actually delayed by an hour and a half and I was cutting it real close to get my connection in Minneapolis. I ran across the airport and luckily had just enough time to hit the bathroom before catching the flight. Isn't that a pretty picture that I took from thousands of feet above the ground? The skies were pretty friendly yesterday! Oh and I didn't have to be groped by security or go through the body scanner...I found that to be a good thing!

I set up my parents manger this morning because I reminded my parents that we can't have Christmas without Christ. Please remember the true meaning for the season. I think we often get too caught up in the giving and receiving of presents that we forget the biggest gift we have all been given. The little babe that was born in Bethlehem is the best gift of all. I am very grateful to know that my Savior was born to make it possible for me to return to my Heavenly Father. Knowing that I do not have to be perfect and that Jesus not only died for me but was born to live a life full of love and great example is truly the most comforting thing that I know to be true. My life is blessed everyday because of Jesus' sacrifice. Please take time to reflect on that sometime during your celebrations in the next few days! May the Peace of Christmas be with each of you!

I also bought some clothes today. I think it was very clever to have decided to pack light and not pay luggage fees. You can but a lot of clothes with 100 dollars. Not that I bought 100 dollars worth of clothes but I could for what I would pay to have a full bag go both ways on Delta. Stupid luggage fees!

Today we drove to Green Bay. My dad thought it was silly that I was taking a picture of the road while he was driving. He said: "What are you taking a picture of now?" I told him I was taking a picture of Wisconsin. Isn't the winter wonderland here pretty? I think so.

I like the new shirt I bought today. I may have stared at it in the mirror for a few minutes. I often check myself out in the mirror these days. It is fun. I looked good today! :) (and no I don't think Carley Simon was singing about me, either!)

I drove past Lambeau Field on the way to eat at Kroll's. I had a yummy butter cheese burger with bacon. It was fabulous. Just as fabulous as my eggnog shake from McDonald's I had on the way here. What an evil and yummy bunch of food I partook of today. My mom actually said to me today: "You really do like food, don't you?," after I said something about the Port Wine Cheese Spread that I put on a few of the crackers I ate at lunch. I really do have a love affair with food!

It was fun to have dinner with my cousin, Shannon, my Grandma, my Aunt Jeanie, and my mom. It was nice to have conversation with them. I have a great family. It will be fun to be here in Green Bay the next few days and catch up with everybody. Life is good and I love mine.



Morgan -Ing said...

So glad you got home, but we miss you!

BloggingBills said...

Our snow is mostly gone, but it was nice to see that Wisconsin still is white and beautiful. We miss you -- c ya soon!
Yer other Ma