The Week in Alice.

The countdown to break had begun. Only 6.5 school days left. Yipee. I go home to mama on the 22nd. I am so very excited to go home and party with my Wisconsin people. I have started the plans. One of those plans is sledding with friends and going for Sam's Pizza!

I had fun this Thursday as I went to The Judds in concert. My friend, Jane, and I first ate at a fabulous Japanese restaurant, The Naked Fish in the heart of Salt Lake City. The sushi was so pretty and delicious. We then walked over to The Energy Solutions Arena for the concert. The Judds are amazing. I have been a fan since my mother took me to a free concert at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, in Wausau. They have always touched me with their music and love for each other. That truly is still alive. It was so nice to "Rock to the Rhythm of the Rain," and be told "about the good old days!" They were hilarious too. Wynonna lost some of the words a few times because her mother, Naomi, distracted her. It was funny. It makes me want to listen to more Judds music lately. I think I might!

I have been out and running this week. It has been so fun to be able to run again and to not hurt. Well, at least the area of gallbladder surgery doesn't hurt anymore, but my legs aren't used to it. I actually was able to run three miles on Friday and it felt so very good. I think I am being spoiled because I can run outside. We are snowless so far. Is it bad that I like this? Snow is alright, but when I can be out in the world and running without having to worry about slipping, I am way happy.

Friday I attended my Ward's(Church) Christmas party. It was actually quite pleasant even though sometimes I have a hard time getting myself to social events. I sometimes feel a bit awkward! I sat with some newish friends and it was fun. The food was great and there was a bagpiper. Hello, life is great when a bagpiper shows up! :)

Work is going well. I sure am liking my students this year. I feel like I am in a good, positive place when it comes to my job right now. I am enjoying the journey to Christmas Break. I am counting down the days but I am remembering to enjoy the journey too.

Here is to this week being amazing and that you will all take the time to enjoy the moments!

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