Back in Utah.

Matt and I at Temple Square Lights

Alisha at Subway

Lish is good with the iPhone camera!

Ezra one month old. First open eyed pic taken by me!

Oliver taking my picture with toy camera: "Cheese!"

Ezra is sleepy. It was a long day!

It has been nice to be back in Utah, even if it is FREEZING. I guess winter has finally arrived here.

I went with my friend, Matt, to Temple Square on Thursday night. You can pick on me all you want about Matt. He lives in Boston, so we are friends, blah, blah, blah. That is how I feel about it now.

Friday I just hung in Sandy with the family. I rang in the new year on my couch asleep. I know thrilling, right?

Saturday, my friend, Alisha, stopped on her way through from St. George to Logan and we had lunch. It was nice.

Sarah then came and stayed with me that night. We ate Red Robin and then watched Dear John. It was fun to have a sleep over just like we did all the time in high school.

Today, both Ezra(Morgan and Derek's new baby) and Levi(Erin and Isaac's new baby) were blessed.(so it was a big family event up in Sandy with my other family) Basically, that means(in the Mormon world) they are given their name and then given a special blessing. It was great to be there even though I may have been distracted by small children. Maybe it is a good thing I go to a Singles' Ward so I get something out of church each week!

Tonight, I am encompassed by extreme sadness as I think about going back to work tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to it, although I am sure it will be normal after the first few minutes. It seems that winter has finally arrived and my bad attitude is starting to show. Better get my good attitude ready. I also better get some sleep too. Have a great day. Mondays are fun! :) See, I can fake it 'til I make it!


J.B. said...

Blah, blah, blah? I might need more than that. Also - Sylvia's blessing was today, too. What a sweet day. Additionally, I'm jealous of the picture of a sweet baby that I know breastfeeds and still takes a pacifier. Why won't mine suck on anything but me?

Morgan -Ing said...

Julianne- He only takes that binky when I force it upon him. He'd gladly use me as a pacifier 24/7 but then he upchucks on me! :) (This is Morgan, Ezra's mom.)
P.S. I adore Sylvia's name! GORGEOUS!

And Alice- I hope today wasn't awful. LOVE YOU!