Fabulous Friday!

Well, week one in 2011 has come and gone. Have you conquered your resolutions yet? I have been enjoying mine quite a lot. That whole do a fun thing everyday is soul food. Sometimes I feel like a spoiled rotten brat, but I really like that part of me!

Yesterday, the fun thing was going and hanging out with Shule. She used to work at our school before she had her baby. I love her baby. She is a cute little peanut. Jane, Janette and I had fun holding her and chatting with Shule. We also had some wonderful food from Burgers Supreme and a great desert.

I also wore that fabulous shirt that Janette got me for Christmas. Isn't it hilarious and fun? Makes me happy to wear it!

I cannot believe that the term will end this coming Friday. That means the school year is half way done! Amazing.

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