Happy New Year!

Hi. So what is new? It is the time of resolutions. Do you have any? Please leave a comment and tell me about your resolutions. I promise to only steal a few of them for myself.

I, like most of the world, have a made a few resolutions. Here is my small list. I tried to keep it small because I think if you concentrate on a just a few things, you are more likely to be successful. Here they are:

1. Read the good word everyday. I plan on reading my scriptures daily. Okay so I have missed one day already but that doesn't mean I quit. I have learned that from my weight loss journey. I have also decided to give myself a dollar each day I do this. At the end of the year, I just might be able to get a new video game system.

2. Do something I love each and every day. I will blog about this so that you can also treasure these great things that I do. I will update you at the end of this blog. I may actually plan each activity and sometimes I will just realize I did something I love that day. It makes me be grateful for the many good things in my life. Life is good!!!

3. Watch a movie each week(at the theatre). This actually probably will be mixed into #2. It is something I love after all!

Okay so here is the update of the things I have done each day that I love:

Jan 1: I had a sleepover with my friend, Sarah. It was like we were in high school again! So fun. I also spent time with my friend, Alisha. She is amazing and funny!
Jan 2: I held baby Ezra. He makes me happy.
Jan 3: Went to see How Do You Know staring Reese Witherspoon. Great movie. I am falling in love with Paul Rudd btw. He's cute.
Jan 4: I invited the posse from Weight Watchers to go out to dinner after our meeting tonight. Marion, my leader, even went(she announced today that she will no longer do our Tuesday night meeting. This only means I will have to drive down to Payson each Wednesday for her meeting there!). It was a blast. Thanks guys!

So there you have it. You are officially updated on what I have done this week that I love to do.

Have a great day and know I think you are amazing!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

I havn't made any resolutions yet. I have some ideas but I am scared about making it official because I am afraid of failing. Whats a girl to do. I like yours alot but I think one of your goals should be coming to visit me. :0)

Morgan -Ing said...

One of my resolutions is to brush my teeth every morning. Sounds silly, but the number of days that I go "Did I brush this morning?" is scary. My time is very limited. So, it's more a metaphor for my life, but still. There's just no time!

Shule said...

So, Alice. Just reminding you to do something you love today...even if you don't feel like it because you're upset or bummed.