Hockey Friday!

Do you know what one of the coolest words in any language is? Zamboni. Say it aloud a few times: Zamboni, Zamboni, Zamboni. When I was a child(just about two years ago) I had dreams of owning a Zamboni. I thought it would be the coolest thing to be able to drive it from my house to school and then eventually ice skate to school. The dreams of childhood are pretty spectacular, aren't they? I never even thought about how some people would be really angry because they don't like to drive their cars on ice.

I get really excited to this day every time I see a Zamboni. My friend, Aimee, and I went to the Utah State vs. BYU hockey game this past Friday night. Not only did I get to see a fabulous hockey game but my Aggies won and we sat on the front row. (Sorry to you BYU fans. Too bad this is the only sport that USU actually wins each year!) Very fun stuff.

Before the game, Aimee and I went to dinner at Burgers Supreme. It was fabulous. Have I mentioned that I love my burger days? Well, I do.

We then went back to my house and watched the movie The Accidental Husband. If you have not yet seen this movie, you should. It is way cute. See my review HERE.

It was a great start to a good weekend!

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Moo said...

Fun fact: The zamboni was invented by someone originally from Utah. At least, that's what FarmerBoy tells me. I haven't actually verified it myself.