"Mamma Said There'd Be Days Like This"!!!

Today was hard. I do not like days like today. Ever have a day where it just got worse even though you thought it couldn't get worse? Yeah that was today. It started out with a slip in the parking lot making me slam my knee into my car door. Then I dealt with the girls who made me real mad before break and they made me even more upset. Maybe I will tell you the story one day when it is not almost midnight. Oh and then I got an email from a man in Boston that made me a little disappointed. Basically, my hopes of a potential relationship went from hope to nil. I think it's silly to say "let's be friends" it just never works.

It was ok though guys because I made darn sure I did things that I love today.

First, I ran. Granted it was on the treadmill, which isn't my favorite, but sometimes running helps your heart! Ok. So it always helps your heart but in this way it helped mend a broken one! And I realize that was very cheesey.

Second, I took advantage of an invite up to Layton to play with the nephews and talk with their mother. They are all very good for my soul. And holding a one month old is just magical.

So. Off to bed I go now knowing that tomorrow HAS to be better. I must find my good attitude again!!!


Morgan -Ing said...

I really hope today is better!

Erin said...

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day! Our door is always open if you need to "escape" for a little while! :-)