The week is flying by. It is already Thursday morning. When did that happen? I think this whole, do something you love doing is really a great thing. Tonight it will be eating sushi. Have I told you that my new title is "player?" Yeah, I have decided to be a dating machine again. Okay, so I have never been a dating machine, but that is my new title and goal. I am just going to date and date and date and date and date and date...you get the idea. I am just going to have fun because if you aren't having fun in life, what the heck are you doing? I am going to quit worrying about my singleness and dwelling on it so much because it is much too depressing to just feel like I am a loser because I haven't found me companion in life yet. It just isn't true and it isn't worth worrying myself to death over. So, I am going to be a player. Which means...I am going to date so many men. This week the flavor of the week is Latino. I have been talking to two men from one from Central America and one from Southern America. One is taking me to sushi tonight. It will be fun. I am calling it "Salsa Spice Week! :)

Wednesday was good too. The thing I did that I love doing is going to a Weight Watchers meeting. That sounds silly, doesn't it? Well, if you knew my leader you would understand. She is no longer teaching the Tuesday night class I was attending in Provo, but she does hold a class in Payson on Wednesdays. My friend, Jane, and I went down for it and it was totally worth it. It was a new experience and a little nervous because sometimes new things make me nervous, but I am going to keep going because Marion is very important to me and my journey! It was a way big meeting with lots more people than are at the Provo meeting. "Stranger Danger," I say, but hey what are strangers but future friends?

Those pictures come from the 20 minute drive to the meeting. Pretty, no? Don't worry I am very careful and good at taking pictures while driving but I don't think I will do it often because they are kinda blurry and never turn out as pretty as my eye actually sees!

Well, off to change young people's lives. Have a fabulous day, would ya?

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Morgan -Ing said...

Have fun at SUSHI! WOOHOO!